Cookies are small text files that, when you visit a website, are downloaded to your browser and then re-transmitted to the server during your subsequent visits. There are different types of cookies, which have different functions. For example, technical cookies exist that serve to collect statistical data – such as those of Google Analytics. Another type of cookies, those of profiling, are those to be managed with absolute care. In fact, they are used to gather information about the user and to create a real profile (as indicated by the term itself). The collected data are then used later, for example, to make custom advertising banners appear.

It is essential that the user gives his consent to the use of cookies.

It is important to note that, when the user views the page for the first time (therefore before giving his consent to the use of cookies) technical cookies can be sent, while profiling cookies must be completely blocked – for this it may be necessary to work on the site codes.

To deepen the subject, I suggest you also to watch this informative video published by the Privacy Guarantor. Here you will find a clear and detailed explanation of the various types of cookies.

This site uses only cookies to detect navigation to the puto statistical purpose of analyzing traffic data.